Feeders to Attract Hummingbirds to your Yard

Talking about antiques that accomplish their function in nature, the Perky-Pet 8108 Hummingbird feeders are a beauty that does not get old. The design and structure they come with are very rare, and they will always attract the birds for a meal.

Enjoying the presence of hummingbirds usually comes with the price of having the position of your feeders stained with bird poop and moist, but the 8108 Hummingbird feeders will make the pleasure come easy for you as they are simply to use and clean. The manufactures colour choice speaks more naturally to the environment than mere synthetic material, it is one of the rare glass jar feeders available for sale.

We will be reviewing the Perky-Pet 8108 Hummingbird feeder in details under design and function;


This feeder is designed with a glass material having a sea-green colour; the dimensions read 5 inches for both the depth and the length of base, while 10 inches is the measurement for the height. It has a metal hanger that makes firm positioning possible and easy.

The body of the glass bottle has embellishments that bulge to make it appear exquisite to the owner. The structure of the bottle is such that it points downwards with the neck narrowing into the open end. The material of the jar is hard and can resist some level of shock.

The base is made with galvanized metal that is meant to resist rust since the product will be exposed to weather’s harsh treatment. The same base is capable of holding more than five birds or even a flock while its hanging, and it is designed to be a bright brushed silver accent shiny piece. The feeding ports are coloured with attractive decorative red finish which will invite the birds to the feeder.


This feeder is easy to refill as you basically need to detach the base from the jar and pour in the nectar. Each of the ports can allow at least two bid at the same time to feed off the jar, and it would help a little more to tie a red ribbon around the feeder jar to help birds locate it easily.

The Perky-Pet 8108 glass bottle Hummingbird feeder has a capacity of 10 ounces of nectar for the birds. It is easy to clean and the material textures are sleek so that they do not hold dirt, you will really only need to clean it with water mixed with mild soap within a space of two weeks during use.

Position your Perky-Pet 8108 Hummingbird feeder away from so much wind to prevent swaying the feeder; this will help the birds get easy access to the nectar. Also, so much sunlight may damage the nectar mixture, so a shade above the position of the 8108 Hummingbird feeder should be ideal.

Go for this feeder of you appreciate nature and care about feeding some Hummingbirds, also if you love having them around for fun, photography or study. This Perky-Pet Hummingbird feeder will do just the job for you.

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