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Gentoo Chinstrap


There are three penguins in the Pygoscelis genus,
the Chinstrap, the Adelie and the Gentoo.

(Pygoscelis adeliae)

The Adelie Penguin was named after the wife
 of French explorer Durmont d'Urville.
 The main French research station
 in Adelie Coast is named Durmont d'Urville

The Adelie is the smallest penguin living on the Antarctic continent,
 and stands about 75 cm high and weighs between 3 kgs and 6 kgs.
 It has a circumpolar distribution.

Two of a set of twelve Penguin stamps issued by Ross Dependency & New Zealand in 2001.
Eight of the Penguins of the world are featured in this set.

 The Adelie is colonial and lives in groups of up to a hundred,
 part of a bigger colony of tens of thousands.

Stamps issued by British Antarctic Territory (1998)
 and Australian Antarctic Territory (1992),
both illustrating and Adelie Penguin and chick

The nests are made of small pebbles, and the penguins live on small fish and krill