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Little Humboldt


There are four penguins in the Spheniscus genera,
 including our own Jackass (or African) Penguin

(Spheniscus demersus)

One of the stamps issued by United Nations (Vienna)
 in 2001 featuring Endangered Species.

The African Penguin was the first penguin found by European explorers,
 and its genus is the derivative of the name given to the family.

Two variations of the 90c stamp from the
Sixth Definitive Set of South Africa, featuring Endangered Species.

The Penguin is endemic to southern Africa and the offshore islands,
 and is now considered vulnerable with a decline in population
 from over a million to 100 000 over the last hundred years.

Issued by Namibia in 1997.
  The same four stamps were also issued with the WWF logo.

The African Penguin was recently the subject
 of a massive effort of rescue and rehabilitation in the Cape,
 after an oil spill from the cargo ship “Treasure”.
Some 20 000 to 25 000 birds were rescued from Robben Island and Dassen Island,
 cleaned and released at Port Elizabeth approximately 400 kms away.