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FDC showing the King Penguin and chicks.
 The illustration on the cover shows a chick
 losing the brown feathers and changing into adult plumage.

Penguins have developed different strategies for raising their chicks.
 Those living in the harshest climates, like the King Penguin
 and the Emperor Penguin only lay one egg.
Parents take turns in keeping the egg warm and raising the chick.

A Rockhopper penguin and fledgling

As with most penguins, the Snares Penguin
 lays two eggs, but only raises one chick.
 The Royal Penguin discards the first egg, because it is smaller.
 The Rockhopper lays two eggs, but usually also only raises one chick.

Gentoo Penguins with a pair of eggs.

Penguins such as the Chinstrap, Gentoo and Yellow-eyed
 lay two eggs and generally raise both chicks.
 The Jackass Penguin raises either one or two chicks.

Jackass Penguin and chick