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King Gentoo


There are two penguins in the Aptenodytes genus.
These are the largest of the penguins

(Aptenodytes forsteri)

Part of the set issued by F.S.A.T in 1956
The Adelie Coast is administered as part of the F.S.A.T


A set of three stamps issued by F.S.A.T in 2000
The other birds illustrated are the Yellow-nosed Albatross
 (being ringed)and the Wandering Albatross.
The graphs illustrate the populations of Emperors on Adelie Coast,
 and Wandering Albatrosses on Crozet Island.

The Emperor Penguin is the largest of all penguins
 and stands 115 cms, and can weigh up to 40kgs.

Part of the set of 12 penguin stamps issued by
 New Zealand and the Ross Dependency in 2001

 The Emperor Penguin breeds in colonies on the Antarctic Shelf.
Once the chicks have reached adulthood,
 they leave the colony for about four years.
The Emperors are extremely good swimmers / divers
 and can swim at speeds of up to 60 km/hr.
  Dives of over 500 m deep have been recorded,
 although the normal dive is about 100 m deep.