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Emperor Adelie


There are three penguins in the Pygoscelis genus,
the Chinstrap, the Adelie and the Gentoo

(Pygoscelis papua)

Part of a set of 15 bird stamps issued by the Falkland Islands in 1960.

The Gentoo Penguin is a very rare vagrant to South African shores,
 but is a common penguin in the sub-antarctic
 regions with a circumpolar distribution.

Stamps issued by Falkland Islands
 in 1952 (George V) and 1955 (Elizabeth II).
These are part of larger sets.

 It is a large penguin, about 80 cm tall, weighing about 6 kgs.
 Only one penguin has been recorded in SA waters.
It is a timid penguin

Miniature sheet issued by Gambia in 1999
 as part of a larger set of Sea Birds of the World.