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There are two penguins in the Aptenodytes genus.
These are the largest of the penguins

(Aptenodytes patagonicus)

The classic King Penguin stamp issued by the Falklands in 1933
as part of a set commemorating the centenary of British rule.

The King Penguin is a magnificent penguin.
 The bird stands nearly 1 m tall and weighs up to 15 kgs,
 the male being slightly larger.

One of three additional values for the 6th definitives, issued in 1997.
  The set illustrated endangered species and the King Penguin
 is a very odd choice, as although it is a rare vagrant
 in South Africa, it is not endangered worldwide.

 There are two recorded sightings of the King Penguin at the Cape,
 but the chances are that the passage here was ship assisted.

These stamps are part of a set of six issued by the Falklands
 in 1991 as part of the World Wide Fund for Nature.
  The other two stamps do not bear the WWF logo.

 The King Penguin breeds on the south Atlantic Islands,
 and is found in colonies of hundreds of thousands.
It is pelagic in non-breeding season,
 normally found near the breeding island.