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Erect-crested Royal


There are six penguins belonging to the Eudyptes genus.
These are characterised by the shaggy yellow crest.

(Eudyptes chrysocome)

One of the set of twelve penguin stamps issued
jointly by New Zealand and Ross Dependency in 2001

The Rockhopper Penguin is the smallest of the crested penguins
 and is about 60 cm tall weighing about 3kgs.
They are found away from the Antarctic and live on islands
 such as the Falklands and the Prince Edward Islands.

A set of four stamps illustrating the Rockhopper Penguin,
 issued by Tristan da Cunha in 1987.

The Rockhopper has been recorded about 50 times
 along the southern African coastline.
 As the name implies, they hop from rock to rock,
 and also dive into the water feet first