Lesotho Birds Definitives Reprint (Blocks) : December 1982

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These stamps are catalogued in Stanley Gibbons as varieties on SG437-SG441 & SG443. SG 442 is not catalogued.
The stamps illustrated below have a 1982 imprint and do not have a watermark.
In addition the sheets do not have perforations in the margin the long direction of the stamp.
The initial printing of the 1982 stamps have margin perforations in both directions of the stamp.

SG 437b : 1s SG 439b : 3s
Greater Kestrel
Roberts 182
Clements 32.0320
Southern Crowned Crane 
Roberts 209 
Clements 43.0010

SG 438b : 2s

Speckled Pigeon 
Roberts 349
Clements 72.0040

SG 440b : 5s SG 441b : 6s
Roberts 746
 Clements 177.0290
Cape Robin-Chat
Roberts 601
 Clements 142.1520
SG 442b : 7s
(not catalogued)
SG 443b : 10s
Yellow Canary 
Roberts 878
 Clements 196.0950
Red-billed Teal 
Roberts 108
Clements 27.1030