Birds Definitives : 1980

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Birds Definitives : 1980
No date Imprint at foot of stamp
SG 622A : 1c SG 623A : 2c
Knysna Lourie
Roberts 370
Clements 75.0050
Olive-bellied Sunbird
Not an SA Bird
Clements 166.0540
SG 624A : 3c SG 625A : 5c
Western Black-headed Oriole
Not an SA Bird
Clements 174.0180
Spur-winged Goose
Roberts 116
Clements 27.0530
SG 626A : 7c SG 627A : 10c
Diderick Cuckoo
Roberts 386
Clements 76.0420
African Grey Parrot
Not an SA Bird
Clements 74.1720
SG 628A : 15c SG 629A : 20c
Blue Quail
Roberts 202
Clements 38.0720
African Wood Owl
Roberts 394
Clements 78.1080
This is missing from my Collection.
I would be pleased if anyone has a duplicate to swap.
SG 630A : 30c SG 631A : 40c
Great Blue Turaco
Not an SA Bird
Clements 75.0010
Blue-breasted Kingfisher
Not an SA Bird
Clements 89.0420
SG 632A : 50c SG 633A : Le.1
Black Crake
Roberts 213
Clements 46.0840
Hartlaaub's Duck
Not an SA Bird
Clements 27.0570
SG 634A : Le2 SG 635A : Le5
Black Bee-eater
Not an SA Bird
Clements 92.0040
Stanley's Bustard
Roberts 231
Clements 51.0080