(Turnix nanus)

 Previously considered a sub-species of Hottentot Buttonquail

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Roberts VI / VII 206 / 42
Clements 2000 42.0031
Howard & Moore 2
(CBOS 5)
37-5 (1)


A small bird (15 cm to 16 cm) found in Africa south of the Sahara. In southern Africa it is a locally common but generally uncommon breeding resident found in the eastern parts. It inhabits open and montaine grasslands and is very hard to flush. The main diet is seeds, insects and invertebrates


List of Stamps showing Black-rumped Buttonquail






No stamps issued  
Both Clements 2000 and Howard & Moore (2nd Ed) consider the Black-rumped and the Hottentot Buttonquail as sub-species.  Monroe & Sibley consider the two as separate species.  Roberts 7 has followed Monroe & Sibley in this regard and considers the two as separate species.