(Amaurornis flavirostris)

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Roberts VI / VII 213 / 217
Clements 2000 46.0840
Howard & Moore 2
(CBOS 5)


A small to medium bird (19 cm to 23cm) which is found in Africa south of the Sahara. In southern Africa it is a common resident found throughout except for the drier west and the Kalahari. Normally solitary or in pairs, it flies reluctantly but swims well. It inhabits marshes, lake fringes and weedy ponds. It eats insects, crustaceans, molluscs and worms


List of Stamps showing Black Crake






Central  African Republic     2000 440f
Sierra Leone 0632A 0600 1980 50c
Sierra Leone
(1981 imprint)
0632Ba 0600xI 1981 50c
Sierra Leone
(1982 imprint)
0632B 0600xII 1982 50c
Sierra Leone
(1983 imprint)
0770   1983 50c
Sierra Leone 0816 0764 1984 50c
Sierra Leone 0816a   1984 50c
Sierra Leone 0818   1984 50c
Tanzania 1776 1738.h 1994 250s
Zaire 1141 0800 1982 5z