Also known as Olive Bee-eater
 previously considered a sub-species of Blue-cheeked Bee-eater

(Merops superciliosus or previously
 Merops superciliosus superciliosus)

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Roberts VI 439
Clements 2000 92.0190
Howard & Moore 2
(CBOS 5)


A medium to large bird (27 to 30 cm), found in Africa and Madagascar. It is a common breeding or non breeding migrant (three populations) found in the extreme north and eastern parts of southern Africa. It is gregarious and inhabits riverine woodland. It eats insects (mainly bees).


List of Stamps showing Madagascar Bee-eater






Comoro 0065 0084 1967 100f
Comoro 0272 0378 1978 20f
Comoro 0338 0522 1979 75f
Comoro 0341 0540 1979 50f/20f
Comoro 0434   1981 60f/75f
The above stamps are included in the Blue-cheeked Bee-eater in CBOS 5.  It would appear that the Blue-cheeked and the Madagascar (or Olive), were previously considered one species, and some scientific opinion still appears to support this view. However, according to Fry, Fry and Harris in "Kingfishers, Bee-eaters and Rollers", the Madagascar Bee-eater is the only bee-eater in the Malagasy region (which includes the Comores).  I have therefore changed the classification of these stamps to the Olive Bee-eater.