Previously known as Black-backed Cisticola (6)
Also known as Winding Cisticola (C) (H)

These two birds were previously considered sub-species of Black-backed Cisticola,
which is now considered as 5 separate species, two of which are found in Southern Africa.
Each of these two has several sub-species.  Refer Roberts 7 for more details

Cisticola galactotes now split

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  Rufous-winged Cisticola Luapula Cisticola
  Cisticola galatotes Cisticola luapula
Roberts VI 675 675.1
Roberts VII 680 681
Clements 2000 139.0210 (1) 139.0210 (9)
Howard & Moore 2
(CBOS 5)
136-141 (11) (13) 136-141 (9) (10) (12)








Small to medium birds (11 to 15 cm), found in Africa south of the Sahara. These are fairly common residents in southern Africa.  The Luapula Cisticola is found in northern Botswana and the Rufous-winged Cisticola found in the eastern parts of the region.  The birds inhabits reeds and rank grass along lakes and rivers, is usually solitary or in pairs and eats insects.


List of Stamps showing
 Rufous-winged Cisticola or Luapula Cisticola






No stamps issued